Challenge: create comics and compose a reflection

Two single-panel comics that I created, accompanied by reflections.

Abstract, postmodern single panel

The Eye of the Storm: 9/11 Lives On

Artist: Lauren E. (Note-some lettering here looks small, but it is only because WordPress allows this as the largest size possible to display)

 Comical, traditional single panel

Poker Night with the Boys

Artist: Lauren E.

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One Response to Challenge: create comics and compose a reflection

  1. tylersantos says:

    I loved the comics. The first one about 9/11 reminded me of something a modern picaso would make. It is abstract, colorful, and all over the place (in a good way), but when brought together provides the viewer with a deep and emotional overall meaning. The face in the bottom center goes well with the quote to the right and I thought it was genius. The second comic was just the opposite. It was very straightforward and had a much lighter meaning. I found it funny, but it seemed to belittle the male population a tad. I am not sure if that was the intention at all, but that topic is for another comment for another time. Awesome creativity, I approve.

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