Remixing defined

Remix: to combine or edit existing materials to make something new
1. Copying (defining it in broad terms)
2. Everything is a remix
3. Transforming the old into the new through remix
4. Recycling the old to make the new
5. Mainly a youth phenomenon?
6. Sharing/borrowing/reuse?

Covers and Knock-Offs:
1. Cover is the same song done by different performer
2. Copies that stay within legal boundaries

Genre Movies:
1. Parameters of widely used format, conventions
a. Standard elements that are appropriated, transformed and subverted
2. Genres have sub-genres
a. Genre movies stick to pretty standard formats

1. Most box office hits work of off previous material
2. Copying is how we learn
3. Mashup vs. remix

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One Response to Remixing defined

  1. Tim says:

    I think there’s a pretty thick line between “remixing” and copying. Maybe the law doesn’t see it this way, but I think that these laws need to change with all the tools out there and the internet available.

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