A Guide To The Interpretation and Exploration of Digital Writing

Digital Writing

Defining digital writing and its implications

The transformation of digital writing through hypertext

Digital Reading

Christian Vandendorpe: the nature of digital reading

Shelley Jackson: how the hypertext novel has transformed digital reading

Composing in the Comic Genre

Scott McCloud: revealing the true purposes and effects of the misunderstood comic genre

Scott McCloud: how technology has transformed comic creation

Scott McCloud: word-image combinations

YouTube Culture

How YouTube operates as a social network

YouTube as a website of participatory culture

Remixing and Youth Culture

Remixing defined

The reverse of remixing: unmixing

Examining Copyright Law

Bound By Law: understanding copyright law through a legal lens

Lawrence Lessig: copyright law as dismantling copyright for intellectual freedom

How the Internet has Transformed Human Interaction

Clay Shirky vs. Nicholas Carr: how the internet has changed the way we think about human interaction

How Facebook has changed social interaction

Reflecting on Multimodal Composition

Challenge: create comics and compose a reflection

Challenge: create a remix video and compose a reflection

Challenge: create a historical paragraph remix video and compose a reflection


AT&T Advertisements: technology cross-culture

The Evolution of Writing: writing through the ages